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Check the gallery! Grats to Shimmy on the Cloak of Flames.

Loving the Sleeper Server

Gotharic A posted Jul 14, 14
So for those of you who are wondering, at the beginning of July 2014, GT opened up a section of GT on the Epic Emu server (aka the Sleeper).  We have managed to level a group of toons to mid 50's and have taken down a few raid mobs in Velious already.  In the next few weeks, we should have a few 60's groups and our focus in the next few weeks will be obtaining gear for our main group and getting into a few more groups for raid mobs and those fun to hit places like Sebilis and Dragon Necropolis.  Lets keep this drive alive, we have 20 peeps in our guild and growing!!

Ermagh Glad it's workin out guys <3
EbonKnight Tear it up guys!
Divastation Grats !
Stay tuned for more details. Lot's of great things in the works.

-Genocidal Tendencies
We will be revamping the website and doing some clean up. Some features may be temporarily disabled. This should only last for about a week. Bear with me. Stay tuned.
-Genocidal Tendencies
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