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Great night last night guys! Good turn out and   good loot. I don't expect that trend to change. Keep up the good work and keep cranking out those levels and AA's.

State of the Guild

Crikzot A posted Wed at 7:45

      As many of you know a good portion of our core group(About half) of friends have left the Guild, We wish them goodluck with their future endeavors. They have always been a key reason to keep my logging in even after a long break.. Another quarter of the guild is currently setting things out for different reasons: Bowl just went back to work after a 6 week vacation so he will be quite busy for atleast another week or so.  If anyone still wishes to leave the guild and join with your friends in Havoc I completely understand.  Im tempted as well, but I wont be for a couple of reasons: A. I've been in GT for about a year now and the friends and family I have met here mean more to me than any piece of future loot.  B.  Myself and the other officers have been called Loot Barons and I just feel like nothing has been further from the truth. Every piece of loot that this guild has earned has always been for the best of the guild.  In my 12 months we have earned countless loots and if you look back at the logs and see who got what you will find that the vast majority of loot goes to the people who do 90% of the work on these raids, the actual members who show up day in and day out;  Less than 10% went to an officer. C.  I've been through some big up's (Killing pretty much every mob in our way), and some big downs (Only having about 5 real people who logged onto sleepers for about 3 months). So ill keep showing up, and I'll be here to help with any raid even if its Fear Mini Bosses like we did last night.. 

Long story short I'll be GT until I'm the last one, which I dont think will ever be the case.

Crikzot A Congress....You'll get my guns, bullets first!!! M'ERICA!!!
Kartis A This post is the state of our guild, which has nothing to do with yours, keep your posts on your own forums.
Crikzot A And I'm sorry but Kartis is a solid tan and has great attendance. We're not in the business of giving all tank loot to o ...

We had alot of fun playing with Perma-Rooted Merb's, but once everyone listened to some friendly Scientific Lectures from Ecks things were smooth as an Ogre Bottom.. Grats all on the loots and kills. NEO GO FACTION!

The hit list is growing!

Ecks A posted Mar 10, 15

Great start on the new server: Vindi, Tormax Statue dead! The Rhags dead! Doomshade and Rumble dead and dead! Things are looking smooth, good job GT

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