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Vulak Stew!

Bowl A posted Sun at 3:49

ArcheAge Chapter is Open!!

Jayloe A posted Jan 17, 15
I have officially started the <Genocidal Tendencies> chapter of ArcheAge:

Server = Ezi
Faction = Haranyan (East with cat people)

Our guild will be a pvp focused guild to stand behind our strong name. This game requires teamwork and we will prevail with our family like core values! Let the games begin!!


Yelinak Soup

Bowl A posted Jan 13, 15

Crikzot A P.S. Nice Shovel!
Crikzot A I thought this was Vulak when I first glanced.. Cousin Dragons..
Ecks A I feel like we just declared war

Happy Holidays!!!

Crikzot A posted Dec 24, 14
Happy Holidays All!! Hope everyone enjoys some family time this week, and if your online look out for your guildy's. I'm sure something will be going down all week..

FYI: Get ready to turn those Dragon Tali's in around New Years.. Its time to add it to the farm list.

In the spirit of the Holidays I give you............. A Bad Photoshop Job. 

Oakenn A Happy Holidays everyone! Hope we are all having a great day
Bronson A bowl = Bad Santa hahaha
Bowl A I did not approve in the making of this meme
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