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Next time he dies!

Zlandi Down!!!

Crikzot A posted Sat at 14:45
Grats Bowl on the uber Tali!
Grats Bronson on the less uber Tali!
Crikzot A He also went on to say that Luclin "could" be dropped in about 90 days.
Crikzot A Soon Brother!
Tuda photoshop didnt help, hes still blocking all bowl and pack. Dam fattys
Gotharic A Well that'a a wrap! GT has conquered Kunark....wait a second, not VP......

Grats all that came out!! Lots of spells(2 - 60 Water pets just to name a couple)
Her loot sucked, but she got pwned.
Gotharic A Willsaper should still be primary and red blade secondary
Tuda agreed, it will just be sad to see the willsaper waste away
Gotharic A Glad the water pets dropped! Bronson will be better off when he gets his epic in his offhand......
Crikzot   published Took a shot at this guy with 32, but we ended falling about 10 toons short :/ on News
Crikzot   uploaded an image to EpicEmu
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Crikzot   published Zlandi Down!!! on News
Crikzot   uploaded an image to EpicEmu
Crikzot   published Just a little update to put peoples minds at ease for now. on News
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