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Dragon Night results

Gotharic A posted Sep 3, 14
Ok, our first dragon night is complete and we downed 3 dragons, 2 of which were new to us!  Faydedar, Talendor and Kelorek'Dar.  We did very well and will try to make it a weekly event until we can down em all in one night (more practice on mobilizing and pulling strategies needed).

Great Job Everyone!

Crikzot I'll take that as a hint to camp my Seb key on the necro/shaman.. Anyone have the Forager/Hunter Spawn locs that they ca ...
Gotharic A I'm gonna boycott until Flop gets his ass back!! j/k next week we'll do another, possibly Trak is in the mix!
Crikzot Dragon Night 2!?!?

Mass carnage

Gotharic A posted Aug 18, 14
Ok, Ragefire, Sseverilous, Talendor and 3xIxiblat Fer in one night = huge success.   2 Torpors, 1 CoF, Group CH, 2x Mantles of Fire, lots of bags, other spells and 3 cleric epic peices...WOW, GT rocks, FU P99!

Tuda another bag, Spell: VoG, stupid shaman hammer, bracer
Tuln Burning that midnight oil. What were Sev drops?
Auror Mother @&#*$!... the one night im having internet problems you guys go rape everything. Great Job!!
Tuln Go to sleep lol.

Innoruuk is DEAD!

Gotharic A posted Aug 16, 14


Gotharic A posted Aug 14, 14
Long Live King B!

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