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Server opens up May 20th

Is anyone planning on playing on this server? I am highly considering playing on this server for nostalgia of a hundred n00bies running around ungeared. Does anyone else share the same interest or curiousity? Let me know. Making a decision in the next couple days and taking vacation for the 21st and 22nd if I do. I don't know how long I will stick with it, but curiousity is getting the best of me. Opinions? Feedback? Who's comin with me?!?!

EverQuest Link

Reddit Link


Novacain i want to play but been reading the forums and its full of post of people already stating that with the sever being FFA ...
Ecks A im still up in the air trying to decide if im gonna play or not. if i do i am thinking of a necro, even though i know th ...
Rojas Then again my mind will change by then Hahahah

Subject says it all.. We can talk about Time Locked Progression or just catch up on what everyones been upto! Jay this might be a good chance to stir up some nostalgia and get some folks for your Podcast.

Oakenn A damn sorry i missed this. I miss you guys
Jayloe A this is the live EQ server?
Ecks A aw bummer

GT the next chapter..

Rojas posted Apr 20, 15

       Live has announced that they will be launching the new server in June.  Beta testing should begin pretty soon, and awards will be given to testers(Titles-Bags-Name Reservations). We kinda need to get a head count of anyone who plans on playing.. 1 box 2 box 4? We can make GT whatever we want it to be there, I'm sure the raid scene will make p99 look organized to begin with...So with that being said lets have some fun level up, and take it slow.. If we really want to compete with Vanilla / Kunark raid targets we will need mages and necros.. Lots and lots of mages.

For anyone whos is not aware pretty much any pet class is way way OP. Mages can nuke harder than Wiz's in vanilla and their pets can tank 2 or 3 blue cons with ease.  Most of this is because of changes made over the years to balance them out in end game, which will not be nerf'd as it would effect normal servers as well.. Monk fist are also 20/24's or 20/26' at lvl 50.  SK's are extremely OP as well and will be the MT in pretty much every group until raids. So lets check in and see what we have:

Kartis A Anyone else playing the beta? hit me up on kartis if so.
Rojas Yeah if your going Melee I really feel like Monk or SK is your best idea unless your trying to be on the bleeding edge o ...
Kyzar I'm most likely going monk. I have thought about others but i've done ranger in the previous 2 and i do enjoy playing a ...

Even if most of us arent playing on the server anymore I plan on funding this site until no one visits it... If you are playing something else PC, PS4, XBox One, and any other crazy contraption lets hear about it.  I look forward to playing with you guys in the future be it on VA, PS4 (EpDaddy), or LoL (god help us If I ever play that). Much love for my time in GT on Sleeper and VA servers. 

Kyzar Im playing mostly PS4 atm, and also on the takp server. The alkabor project. Its in classic right now. With Planes comin ...
Jayloe A Sad day. I have been casually playing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. I moved on from ArcheAge because it didn't have ...

GT Moving On

Bowl A posted Feb 17, 15

After 8 months on the Sleeper we have made the difficult decision to move on to a new server. It was a great run while it lasted, but the lack of a present GM made completing our end game goals near impossible. We will be moving to Vegarlson Asylum which you can find on the main EqEmu server list. We hope to see the server live within the next week or two. Stay tuned for more updates.  

Caelen So I downloaded the RoF client from steam, and the additional zone files from, but Ne ...
Loggy Now this makes me happy, I am glad we moved. i will install and roll a new char ...
Subside And can u make it to where Titanium works?
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